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Over-the-counter such as Tylenol and Ibuprofen are often sufficient in managing mild cases of shoulder pain. However, if the shoulder pain is moderate to severe and is disrupting their arm movement and quality of life, stronger analgesics can be considered. Opioids or narcotics can be considered as a last resort when other treatments have failed to offer relief or improve quality of life. Dependence and addiction is a concern when using these medications and patient should be closely monitored when prescribed opioids.

Lifestyle Modification Counselling

An important component of ensuring sustainable pain treatment is to ensure that the psychological, nutritional, dietary and lifestyle aspects of pain are addressed as well. Our pain experts provide you with effective counselling to address these softer aspects of pain and ensure a holistic treatment for your pain. Right from exercises, to diet plans, to coping with stress and anger, our pain physicians will provide you advice to ensure that the correct root cause of your pain is identified and dealt with.