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Injections for Pain Relief

Several different kinds of injections form a part of pain treatment. Injections are used for virtually all kinds of pains, including back pain, knee pain, joint pains, headaches/migraines, and neuralgic pain , among others. Here, we talk about some of the different kinds of injections used at Ava Pain Intervention Center

Subacromial space injections

Subacromial space injections are commonly used in the treatment of shoulder bursitis The subacromial space is a small space that is present between the wing bone and the top end of the shoulder. Within the space there is a bursa. Bursitis pain can be treated by an injection under ultrasound guidance with a solution of local anaesthetic and injectable steroid

Intra-articular joint injections

Intra-articular joint injections refers to an injection directly into the shoulder joint space with a solution of local anaesthetic and steroid. Steroids have a powerful anti-inflammatory effect that can reduce pain and inflammation quickly and dramatically. Patients who have a great deal of difficulty moving the shoulder may find that intra-articular joint injections can relieve the symptoms and allow them to increase their range of motion. However, the effect of steroids may be short lived and patients may require repeat injections in the future.

Suprascapular nerve blocks

 Suprascapular nerve block: The suprascapular nerve is a nerve that supplies the shoulder joint and lies around the back. This nerve is responsible for transmitting pain impulses. Blocking this nerve with an injection of local anaesthetic and steroid can be rather helpful in treating shoulder pain. Patients may require additional treatments such as physical therapy following the nerve block procedure.


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