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About APIC

Bearing the slogan “Your Pain  Our Care”we, the pain physicians started our AVA Pain and Intervention Center (APIC) which is an evidence based, modern pain management center in Dhaka. We are determined to provide you with the accurate diagnosis, appropriate management along with addressing life style modification and psychotherapy. We offer almost all pain interventions with modern technologies at affordable cost under C-arm or Ultrasound guidance. We treat pain from head to toe, acute to chronic & child to old. APIC is born to serve, treat and cure your pain.

Our Mission

The AVA Pain & Intervention Center (APIC) is established with the mission to improve the quality of lives of patients with chronic pain. The objective is to alleviate chronic pain, using most advanced, evidence-based approach by addressing three dimensional medical, physical and psychological aspects of pain and restore function. Our motto is to care and cure your Pain. We the pain Physicians always with you.

Our Vision

We are committed to deliver comprehensive and effective treatment to our patients in a compassionate environment. We will strive to be a national and international leader in pain management, education and research. We will continue to educate physicians and patients about the prevention and management of pain through forums and workshops. We will also link up with academic pain centres in home and abroad to maintain and upgrade standards of pain practice in order to provide the highest quality of care to our patients.